Millicent Ogun

Millicent OgunProgram Officer/ Research Nurse

Mrs Millicent Ogun, Program Officer, Research Nurse


Program Officer/ Research Nurse






Ogun Millicent Ifechukwude  RN, RM, ROHN, MPH

Mrs  Ogun is a resourceful and good team player with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

She is a Nurse, Research Assistant /Programmer and a Public Health Promoter whose career goal is to provide quality health care services to patients and the general population through nursing care, programming, research, report writing, health education promotion  of  healthy  life  styles,  maternal  and  child  health  issues,  and promotion of safe environment.

She also possesses good leadership training and mentoring skills as well as data gathering, monitoring and evaluation of programme/projects.

Her key areas of interest is the Reproductive health promotion, Maternal and Child Health welfare and Adolescent health.

Over the years, CPRH has pioneered and provides leadership for acquisition of RH service and research skills and has been in the forefront of translation of research into practice aimed at improving the quality of maternal, newborn and child health in the country

CPRH, the Centre therefore contributes to strengthening of capacities in RH and Population policy and program formulation, development, management including coordination, monitoring and evaluation.

CPRH has a good complement of consultants who are available to participate from the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology Health Promotion and Education, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Demography, Community Medicine, Institute of Child and Adolescent Health Sociology, among others combined to provide a wealth of experience and expertise that will effectively execute the tasks detailed therein.

In CPRH, the team has conducted trainings for Federal and States’ Ministry of Health in Nigeria as well as many international agencies such as UNFPA, UNICEF, DFID, World Bank and WHO.