About Us

The Centre for Population and Reproductive Health (CPRH) is a multidisciplinary centre established in 2002 through the collaborative effort of The College of Medicine, University of Ibadan and The Gates Institute at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore; USA with a focus of implementing training programs in reproductive health (RH) and population health as well as developmental issues. Over the years CPRH has pioneered and provides leadership for the acquisition of RH service and research skills and has been in the forefront of translation of research into practice aimed at improving the quality of maternal, newborn and child health in the country. The Centre thus contributes to the strengthening of capacities in RH and Population policy and program formulation, development, management including coordination, monitoring, and evaluation

Our vision is to be a world class epicenter and Population and Reproductive Health Research, Education, and Programming that shapes policy and practice.

Our mission

1. To produce a critical mass of champions that would meet immediate and future production and reproductive health needs and development.

2. To promote processes and programme that imbibe leadership qualities for population and reproductive health programming.

3. To strengthen capacity through continuous education, training and mentor-ship with current evidence.

4. To initiate and support multi-disciplinary participatory collaboration that has a potential for transnational effect in education, research and service delivery.

5. To provide technical support for population and reproductive health policy formulation at all level of governance in Nigeria AND Africa.

How we work?


We have a good complement of consultants who are available to participate from the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology Health Promotion and Education, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Demography, Community Medicine, Institute of Child and Adolescent Health Sociology, among others combined to provide a wealth of experience and expertise that will effectively execute the tasks detailed therein.

Our Focus

Training / Education
  • formal training: diplomas and postgraduate tracks in population and RH
  • informal training: short courses, competency based training on EMONC. fistula management, research management, family planning.
  • production of population RH bulletins.


Population and RH Programmes
  • a) develop and conduct pilot project on RH programmes.
  • b) capacity building programmes.
  • c) monitoring and evaluation.


Multi-disciplinary Research
  •  Conduct population-based research that focuses on the medical and social aspect of RH.
  • Organize dissemination key findings.


  • Technical support / Consultancy for policy and educational material development and production.


Our Staffs