Chicago-Ibadan International Partnership for Interdisciplinary Research Training (D43) – Funded by NIH.

Chicago-Ibadan training Interdisciplinary research grant is an NIH research training grant in collaboration with the Center, with PIs for Chicago Global Health and University of Ibadan. The training program is to implement evidence-based interventions to improve the health of underserved populations across Africa and thereby reduce global disparities in health outcomes. The direction the training encapsulated were interdisciplinary integration of training in basic, clinical, population and translational research; with emphasis on training in patient-oriented research in response to local needs. There are several categories of the training, these are; short-, medium and long term training categories. The centre has conducted capacity building for over 133 disadvantaged health workers, on Non-communicable Diseases with focus on safe motherhood, family planning and breast cancer, the projection for 5 years is to train 461 participants. Some of these beneficiaries are Radiologists, junior faculty members, Epidemiologists, Nurses, Physicians, Scientists, Pharmacists and other health care providers involved in research at pre- and post- doctoral levels. Also, 8 trainees have being on the Mentorship programme and training workshops were conducted in 2014 on molecular Diagnostics and translational Research, also Advanced Cancer Imaging training workshops were held.

Over the years, CPRH has pioneered and provides leadership for acquisition of RH service and research skills and has been in the forefront of translation of research into practice aimed at improving the quality of maternal, newborn and child health in the country

CPRH, the Centre therefore contributes to strengthening of capacities in RH and Population policy and program formulation, development, management including coordination, monitoring and evaluation.