Fistula Care Project, VVF repair with Engender health

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through its implementing organization on Fistula care Project, Engender health, has a vision to address the enormous backlog of women awaiting life-altering fistula repair, ensuring that they receive timely and quality care from trained providers. At the same time, they work to remove barriers to emergency obstetric care that lead to fistula in the first place.

The project is currently working in 9 states in Nigeria supporting a network of facilities offering a continuum of services, from emergency obstetric care, referrals, and family planning to complex fistula repairs and advanced surgical training. Though not yet present in Oyo State but in recognition of Professor Ojengbede’s contribution in the area of Fistula care in Nigeria, the project decided to support him in giving adequate care to Fistula patients, especially those with financial incapability and unable to afford the cost of the repair. Training was conducted by Engender health in February 2012, where some members of UCH Fistula repair team headed by the professor were trained on monitoring, evaluation and reporting standards of VVF care

Over the years, CPRH has pioneered and provides leadership for acquisition of RH service and research skills and has been in the forefront of translation of research into practice aimed at improving the quality of maternal, newborn and child health in the country

CPRH, the Centre therefore contributes to strengthening of capacities in RH and Population policy and program formulation, development, management including coordination, monitoring and evaluation.